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September 2004

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Bleh. I have a cold right now, and it causes a lot of discomfort. My roommate couldn't swallow this morning though, so she didn't go to class. I am afraid Ashlyn is getting sick too, but she did end up going to class this morning. The masquerade ball will be this weekend. I hope I feel better by then. They Dayquil and Nyquil are helping. Hopefully I will be able to get some work on my FIRM project done. Mostly in my free time I have been knitting and writing. Did I say that I learned the domestic skill of knitting? My scarf is indeed a little more than 3 feet long now ^_^ it is funny how accomplished I feel.

**I want to take some time to read for fun. Who has any book suggestions?**

Anyway, again, back to work.


Sorry that you're sick and I hope, just as you do, that you'll be better in time for the ball.

I haven't really made any progress on my FIRM, which is dumb, but I'm feeling creative! So it might happen in the next few days. The only thing about writing that sucks is that when you're on, you're on, but when you're not, YOU ARE NOT. At all. Or for me, at least.

And I do say that I would feel super accomplished as well if I knitted a 3 ft scarf. I can't say that I know how to do anything like that. Maybe you can teach me next year if there's ever any free time (which, I'm sure there will be for me since I seem to be a lazy bum). ;D

As for book suggestions, I don't seem to do much reading, so I usually only suggest the same books over and over. My number one lovely book is A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. It's very satirical and funny and SO fun to read (imo).

One last thing in this extremely long comment: what is this I hear about Suffren? I thought I made a comment to that entry you had about him wayyyy back, but I don't think it ever posted, for whatever reason. I read that on your journal and then was told that he wasn't going to be back next year by some graduated Seniors. Is it true? If so, I'm kind of pissed, heh.

Anyway, I love you, darling, and hope that the remaining weeks of AGS are pleasant. I'll see you in less than a month!

Of course I'll teach you how to knit! I am working on a hat now ^_^ And yes, Suffren is leaving in favor of a supervising job in the Hot Springs school district. Sean Chapman from AGS is taking his place though, which is waaay cool.
Get better, and read 1001 Arabian Nights. Mystical fairytales always make me happy.

Love love