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September 2004

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Well, Governor's School is now over... and I miss it much more than I ever expected. Hopefully I will be able to keep the friends I have made there. I am still having difficulty getting online often because now I am home, and we have dial-up as well as only one phone line. Alas, verily it is so. I am in an odd mood. My dad and I are going to the Lyon library today and I am going to try to find some of the books that J-Self recommended to me. Only 15 or so days until school starts. Bleh. I don't want to start classes, I want to return to the residential part of school. Not that I really have a choice in which part I participate in. Hopefully Lawrence, Mark and Ryan will be able to come visit. Lunch at Ryan's (the restaurant) on Saturday was great. Hallie and I are definitely going to see each other at the Pioneer/Greyhound football game. Peace, friend! Do not slaughter me! I am feeling pretty random right now. By the way, I think my journal is going to go Friends-Only, so if you want to continue reading my journal and are not on my friends list, please email me your lj user name.
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I miss you.

And that's about all I can say about that. I really, really miss you. I want to be wandering around Hendrix campus and then out of nowhere run into you and get one of the world's best hugs... I know what it's like to lose someone you love, and this feels just the same.

Meh. I'm new to this LiveJournal shenannigans, still getting aclimated. Any suggestions to spice up my bland LJ?



But... but..

Please don't make it friends-only! Some of us do not have an lj and don't want to make one just so we can view other people's...


Re: But... but..

And why not? It is not like they really require maintenance unless you feel like it...

Re: But... but..


That's the new LiveJournal community for AGS 2K4. Hop on over and join us!

Also, I spiced up my journal a bit, check it out.