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September 2004

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8 days...

Until school starts that is. And have I begun to pack? Well, I have one box full of notebooks, and that's about it. I have been working on my FIRM all summer, so that should be helpful when school starts, but I need to get in touch with the Interact people so that the club can be running by the time school starts. About 130 new students will be at school, and I will have to live with them for all of my senior year... How strange. I have no idea what to think of my senior year anyway. I don't particularly want to be a senior. Filling out college and scholarship applications, stressing over Science Fair, taking standardized tests for the last time; that doesn't sound particularly fun to me. Ah well. If I am organized enough, I will somehow find time to have some fun this school year. Woo, ice cream downtown ^_^ The Democratic National Convention came and went. Kerry was much more charismatic than expected, and earlier in the week, Clinton was charismatic as usual. He then promptly rushed off to Blytheville, Arkansas to sign books the day of Kerry's speech. Never a dull momen, I suppose, when you were once President of the United States and you have now written an autobiography (possibly copy-catting your wife's idea). My humor seems to be dry to day, so pay no attention to my random comments. I may write more later, but with studying for standardized tests, choosing college applications to complete (and beginning them), packing for school, readying for Interact/Rotary, practicing music (oh yeah, All-Region is always earlier than I expect... maybe I should practice the audition music a bit), knitting (yay for ribbed scaves), reading, and trying to find time to spend with friends (not to mention time to sleep and eat...), I probably will not get around to writing much more for a while. Fun stuff ^_^
The amount of time taken on all of my activities may seem extreme, but I do have a fair amount of free time this summer. I am ready for school to begin (though I am not ready for my last year of high school). Only 8 days...

*This is my last public entry, Maggie. No one who is not a registered lj member can comment on my journal, so email me.


poor you

We have 2 weeks and 3 days until we start school. Its so boring that I can't wait.

Re: poor you

I am sorry you're bored; hopefully this school year won't be so stressful that you'll wish for the boredom! ^_^


I made it to Colorado (well, obviously.) Not much time to type.

Thought about giving you a call earlier, but then I realized I'd only b able to talk for about 2 minutes, so I figured "nah."

Anyway. I'm doing o.k. How're you holding up? I miss you, I miss everyone, but at least we've got TEH INTARWEB.

Here, have an e-hug.


Re: Hrm.

OH, ghastly, I made a typo and wrote "b" instead of "be." Ugh. That's my biggest personal pet peave, when I do things like that. I bet 9 out of 10 people that read this reply to my message will think it was entirely unnecessary. Oh well.

Re: Hrm.

I hope you are doing well!