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September 2004

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Leaving for Grandma's

I am leaving for my grandma's house in Indiana around noon today. I will be home on Sunday, then head out for school on Tuesday. I have gotten pretty far in my packing and have gotten some new clothing (yay for button-up shirts). Still getting ready for school and applying for colleges. I probably won't be able to update for at least a week, depending on when the internet at school is up. I don't remember if I posted, but I have a refrigerator now, so I can keep cheese, and V8 Splash, and fruit, and cheese, and more cheese... Anyway, not much more going on here. I finished yet another scarf. This one is super-long and red and black striped. It is ribbed, so it is stretchy. Hopefully school will start out well. Just for Maggie, I am going to keep my journal public until school starts. Then we're going to have a talk...



Have a good trip!

And, yes, button-up shirts are the superior form of garment.

I cant believe you

Button-up shirts?!?! Its all about the screened tees. If it wasnt for your frightening love of cheese, I would call you a "dork."

Re: I cant believe you

What are you saying, Shamus....

CAUSE I'M CRAZY, YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH ME, I'LL... Well, write a really mean entry in my livejournal, but not directly about you, because that would be mean; no, I'd probably make it really abstractly and vaguely about you, or maybe just about something that happened to me that, if you were me, you could see as being analagous to the situation. Or something.