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September 2004

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At School~ Salvete discipuli!

Muaha, I have been at school for exactly a week now, and have indeed befriended a few juniors (as well as getting back in touch with my senior friends). I am enjoying my classes and the residential atmosphere very much. In fact, I even took the time to practice violin for 30 minutes yesterday (and perhaps for the first time in about a year). By the way, Shamus, my friends love your poem *mischevious grin* I told you I would show people... But really, they think it's great. MAGGIE GO GET A LJ INSTEAD OF PLAYING M'Doria!!! At any rate, I have choir for the first time this school year. Only 15 more minutes or so, so we're hanging out in the library. I have all of my homework finished for tomorrow, but I am going to finish most of my reading for Thursday. Our Interact officers' meeting will be next Wednesday or Thursday, and I am not feeling nearly as stressed as I thought I would be. I am getting good feedback on my FIRM (Fundamentals in Researching Methods) paper, and Latin is WONDERFUL!!! This Thursday we are going to talk to a local art gallery about having a gallery walk as a fundraiser for The Muse, our literary magazine. Wooo... We have already watched 4 Monty Python sketches in AP Comparative Government and Politics. ^_^ At any rate, enough babbling for now. Choir is indeed quite soon. Valete!


Re: hope choir was fun

Well, as you know, we didn't have choir and I don't have internet in my room. However, I am enjoying the food. It is true that we get smaller portions, but we can get as many seconds and thirds, etc. that we want to. They just don't want us to waste food by taking a bunch, then not liking it and not eating it.


People actually LIKE that poem? I spent about 2 whole freakin days trying to write a real poem, but they all turned out to be crap. When I try to write crap, everyone loves it. Its funny how the world works.

Re: Oblivious?

Of course people like it. I find that things written without effort or in jest turn out to be the most meaningful--- or the best.


I am here, and I gave you the wrong name. Sorry for the confusion, kitto, but I guess that's just how that works. Anyway, be well this weekend; I envy you that you get to stay at school this weekend.

Re: Bwaha

Indeed. I noticed that you gave me a nonexistant username... but now it's all good :)

Re: Bwaha

You realize my posts are visible only to you until you allow everyone else (including myself, btw) to see them, right? Much plove.

Re: Bwaha

It said that if I reply to it, it becomes visible... perhaps it is lying?
-plove mel

Re: Bwaha

I don't know, but tbe email I got at first gave me the option of "unscreening" the comment (or allowing it to be visible), and now that I added you to my friends list, it doesn't have that option.

Re: Bwaha

Aaah. It did become visible, but not immediately. It took its silly time about it. Stupid robots.

Re: Bwaha

and since I added you, they should all be visible

Re: Bwaha

Oooooh. Well, then it's not the replying thing, just the adding thing. Sadly, they have nothing agianst making you look like you're talking to yourself.